Drift-diffusion simulation of charge transport in the mesoporous material of a solid state dye solar cell made of P3HT polymer and titanium dioxide using finite elements.


Our group is developing new knowledge and innovative strategies for research. Research projects are characterized by inter- and transdisciplinary approaches at different levels and scales.

Current Research (Applications)
  • Simulation of Organic Semiconductor Devices

  • Atomistic Quantum Transport Simulations

  • Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics

Current Research (Method Development)
  • Drift-diffusion models

  • Kinetic Monte Carlo

  • Non equilibrium Green functions 

  • Multiscale methods for charge / heat transport for nano-meso scale devices

DFG Priority Programme FFLexCom
  • FFLexCom High Frequency Flexible Bendable Electronics for Wireless Communication Systems

  • COST Action Multiscale in Modeling and Validation for Solar Photovoltaics (MultiscaleSolar)